City of Porterdale

Minutes and Agenda

Minutes of the Meeting




September 8, 2014


Presiding over the meeting was Mayor Arline Chapman.  In attendance were Council Members Anita Rainey – Post 1, Linda Finger – Post 2, Tim Savage – Post 3, Lowell Chambers- Post 5 and Mike Harper – Post 4. Also in attendance were the City Manager, Bob Thomson, City Attorney, Tim Chambers, and City Clerk, Megan Reid.


Agenda Item 1 - Call to order

Mayor Arline Chapman called the meeting to order.


Agenda Item 2 – Invocation

The invocation was led by Mayor Chapman.


Agenda Item 3 - Pledge of Allegiance 

Mayor Chapman led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Agenda Item 4 – Awards, Recognitions, & Donations


Donation given to the Police Explorers from C.A.R.E.’s Chairperson Linda Finger.


Larry Denny and Anita Denny of the Elk’s Lodge, presented a $100.00 check to Chief Cripps for the Drug Dog Program.


Agenda Item 5- Additional Agenda Items




Agenda Item 6 - Approval of the Agenda


Motion 1 – was made by Council Member Linda Finger to approve the agenda and was seconded by Council Member Mike Harper.


Motion passed unanimously.


Agenda Item 7- Report from the Police Chief Review Committee- Bob Thomson, City Manager


City Manager Bob Thomson reported back that the Committee Recommended lt. Jason Cripps.


Agenda Item 8- Appointment of Police Chief


Motion 2-  was made by Council Member Lowell Chambers to appoint Jason Cripps as Police Chief and was seconded by Council Member Linda Finger.


Moiton passed unanimously.


Agenda Item 9- Tentative Swearing in of Police Chief


District Attorney Layla Zon swore in Chief Jason Cripps.



Agenda 10- Member Comments:

City Clerk Update- Megan Reid- None


Downtown Director- Teri Haler- None.


Fire Chief- Statistics handed out.


Police Chief- Chief Crips- Proud of Officer Peterson for detaining a murder suspect out of DeKalb during an traffic stop.


City Manager- Bob Thomson- None


Mayor Arline Chapman-

  1. Appreciated the people who put together the reunion.
  2. Has noticed a lot of activity on the river.


Post 1- Anita Rainey-

  1. None.


Post 2- Linda Finger-

  1. CARE benefit thanks everyone who helped and they were able to provide 2 scholarships.
  2. Send a special Thank you to Chief Cripps.

Post 3- Tim Savage-

  1. Would like to thank Chief Cripps.

Post 4- Mike Harper-

  1. Thanks to all the people who came out to the reunion and asked what was the progress was on the Air Conditioner units.

Post 5- Lowell Chambers-  

  1. None.

Agenda Item 11– Public Comments


No comments


Agenda Item 12- Executive Session


None Needed.


Agenda Item 13-Adjournment


Motion 10- was made by Council Member Mike Harper to adjourn and was seconded by Council Member Tim Savage.


Motion carried unanimously