City of Porterdale

Minutes and Agenda

Called Meeting


Presiding over the meeting was Mayor Arline Chapman.  In attendance were Council Members Linda Finger – Post 2, Tim Savage-Post 3, and Lowell Chambers- Post 5.  Also in attendance were City Manager, Bob Thomson and City Clerk Megan Reid. City Attorney, Tim Chambers, Council Member Anita Rainey – Post 1, and Mike Harper- Post 4  were absent.


Agenda Item 1 - Call to order

Mayor Chapman called the meeting to order.


Agenda Item 2- Potential Development


Mr. Lewis Withrow, operating as Harvest Capital Holdings has presented to the city a general concept for development of property, as shown on the concept plan identified as Exhibit A, labeled “Concept Plan for Old Mill Landing” which Exhibit shall be identified as Exhibit A to this Motion and entered in the Minutes of this meeting.


Motion 1 was made by Council Member Lowell Chambers to express the council's general favorability for the concept plan depicted on Exhibit A, but subject to the following considerations, which Mr. Lewis Withrow has acknowledged and to which he has agreed to being included in any and all future site plans and development plans:




  1. 1.      An easement/right of way will be dedicated to Porterdale connecting the two proposed subdivisions fronting Washington Street tentatively known as "Clear Creek" and "Overlook at old Mill Landing", which will be no less than 28' wide. 
  2. 2.      Another entrance will be off of Star Street.
  3. 3.      Mr. Withrow will be responsible for working with GDOT on accell/decel lanes off Washington Street/SR 81, and with Porterdale and Newton County for an accell and decel lane off the Covington Bypass.
  4. 4.      A dedicated office space and parking in an amenity area for a police presence will be provided. 
  5. 5.      The green space buffer between the two subdivisions will be expanded to the extent possible.
  6. 6.      A 12' concrete trail/walking path will be provided along the former railroad right of way to provide for trail connectivity. 
  7. 7.      Councilman Lowell Chambers will contact The Newton County Water and Sewer Authority to request that they take responsibility for maintaining a sewer lift station, which will be required for development off the bypass.



as well as  subject to the further condition that the expression of general favorability under this motion is not intended to nor shall waive or modify the requirement of the city's and developer's compliance with:


(1) Applicable laws governing annexation of property and annexation procedures;

(2) City ordinances, including but not limited to, city zoning ordinances and procedures, and the city's development regulations and procedures; and

(3) Any state law, rules and regulations that may be applicable, including rules and regulations of any state agencies that may have jurisdiction over any aspect of the proposed annexation and/or development of the property.


and subject to the condition that the expression of general favorability for the concept plan shall not permit the development to go forward without modification as may be necessary, required, or desirable so as to comply with the requirements of said laws, rules, regulations, ordinances. And was seconded by Council Member Finger.


Motion passed unanimously.



Agenda Item 3-Adjournment


Motion 2- was made by Council Member Linda Finger to adjourn and was seconded by Council Member Tim Savage.


Motion carried unanimously