City of Porterdale

Minutes and Agenda

Called Meeting


Presiding over the meeting was Mayor Arline Chapman.  In attendance were Council Members Linda Finger – Post 2, Tim Savage-Post 3, and Lowell Chambers- Post 5.  Also in attendance were City Manager, Bob Thomson and City Clerk Megan Reid. City Attorney, Tim Chambers, Council Member Anita Rainey – Post 1, and Mike Harper- Post 4  were absent.


Agenda Item 1 - Call to order

Mayor Chapman called the meeting to order.


Agenda Item 2- Public Hearing


Opened by Mayor Arline Chapman.


Citizens Tim Johnson , Kevin Sentell, and Jack Kottl questioned the increase as regards to what was sent out by the county. Mayor Chapman explained that the City was keeping the millage rate the same as it was last year. City Clerk, Megan Reid explained that the tax assessor notices had already accounted for the increase.


Closed by Mayor Chapman.



Agenda Item 3-Adjournment


Motion 4- was made by Council Member Linda Finger to adjourn and was seconded by Council Member Tim Savage.


Motion carried unanimously