City of Porterdale

Minutes and Agenda

Minutes of the Meeting




March 3, 2014


Presiding over the meeting was Mayor Arline Chapman.  In attendance were Council Members Anita Rainey – Post 1, Linda Finger – Post 2, Tim Savage – Post 3, Mike Harper – Post 4, and Lowell Chambers- Post 5.  Also in attendance were the City Manager, Bob Thomson, and City Clerk, Megan Reid. City Attorney, Tim Chambers was absent.


Agenda Item 1 - Call to order

Mayor Arline Chapman called the meeting to order.


Agenda Item 2 – Invocation

The invocation was led by Mayor Chapman.


Agenda Item 3 - Pledge of Allegiance 

Mayor Chapman led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Agenda Item 4 – Awards, Recognitions, & Donations



Agenda Item 5- Additional Agenda Items



Agenda Item 6 - Approval of the Agenda


Motion 1 – was made by Council Member Linda Finger to approve the agenda and was seconded by Council Member Tim Savage.


Motion passed unanimously.


Agenda Item 7- Approval of Minutes


February 3, 2014- Council Meeting


Motion 2- was made by Council Member Linda Finger to approve the minutes from January 6, 2014 and was seconded by Council Member Anita Rainey.


Motion passed unanimously.



Agenda 8- Member Comments:


City Clerk Update- Megan Reid- Updated the Council on her recent invitation to be on the Hospitality Board for the Georgia Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers’ Association


Downtown Director- Teri Haler- Reported on the recent training for the Main Street Program and   a 2 day workshop regarding GICH. She included a handout with an outline of the training.


Fire Chief- Ron Savage- None.

Police Chief- Geoff Jacobs- Provided a handout containing stats from February 2014.


City Manager- Bob Thomson- Also attended the GICH Training and will provide a summary written by Kathy Pappa. Received an email from Jim Dove stating that he was impressed with the turnout for the facilitated work session and the cooperation between all the different boards.


Mayor Arline Chapman- Informed everyone of the recent GA Forestry  meeting in Rome that designated Porterdale as a Tree City. Would like to remind everyone that the city has to be accountable and need to raise the percent of homeownership.


 Post 1- Anita Rainey- Really likes the brochures that Teri Haler distributed and would like to know if we would be able to compensate Grace Baptist Church for the use of their building for meetings. She would like to also see that Grace Baptist Church will be able to use the Gym without being charged.


Post 2- Linda Finger- Would like more information on the Grand Opening of the Gym. Mayor Chapman asked that this be put on a work session agenda. Also, inquired about if the Alcohol Ordinance was distributed during the application process. City Clerk, Megan Reid, insured that the ordinance was indeed given to applicants.


Post 3- Tim Savage- Will be working with Teri Haler for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities..


Post 4- Mike Harper- No comment.


Post 5- Lowell Chambers-  Looking forward to a beautiful spring and hoping projects come to fuition and excited about the Kayak Launch set for June 14, 2014..


Agenda Item 9– Public Comments


Code Enforcer Willie Milligan reported that the new coffee shop, Argyle’s, will be opening April 1, 2014.


Agenda Item 10- Executive Session



Agenda Item 11-Adjournment


Motion 10- was made by Council Member Lowell Chambers to adjourn and was seconded by Council Member Tim Savage.


Motion carried unanimously