City of Porterdale

Minutes and Agenda

Minutes of the Meeting



February 28, 2013 6:30 pm

Presiding over the meeting was Mayor Arline Chapman.  In attendance were Council Members Anita Rainey - Post 1, Linda Finger - Post 2, Tim Savage - Post 3, and Lowell Chambers- Post 5.  Council Member Mike Harper was absent. Also in attendance were the City Manager, Bob Thomson, City Clerk, Megan Reid, and City Attorney, Tim Chambers.

Mayor Chapman called the meeting to order.

1. Review draft resolution to appoint local historian (will have draft ready at meeting)

a. City Manager and City Clerk to discuss on 03-01-2013.

2. Review proposed final draft of property maintenance code (attached)
Report on planning and zoning board meeting - City Manager

a. Mayor suggested the Council read over and it will be on the agenda for Regular Meeting on March 4, 2013.

3. Report on Planning and Zoning Board Meeting- City Manager

1. City Manager reported back that the Planning and Zoning Board was very eager to begin their work on the sign ordinance and also invited Lowell Chambers to a meeting to give his insight on the Historical Preservation Ordinance pertaining to the Zoning Ordinances.

4. Website proposal - City Clerk

a. City Clerk discussed the need for a different website and will work with City Manager to iron out the details.

5. Report on drug-free commercial zone legislation for Porterdale - Mayor

a. Pam Dickerson called Mayor Chapman to let her know the bill was in the final stages of being passed.

6. Proposed resolution supporting of GMA - sponsored Renaissance Act (fact sheet from GMA attached)

a. Council came to a consensus to move forward after hearing the City Manager´s report.

7. Briefing on Monday's presentation from the State Historic Preservation Division-- Ms. Lee Burns, of Porterdale certified local government designation

a. Lowell Chambers discussed a Planning Grant by GA Trust for Historic Preservation and the Mayor agreed to talk to some of the leaders to help gain funding and publicity for the Rose Hill project.

8. Street sign update: possibility of doing all of the town with new quote obtained by Public Works Dir. Funding from state DOT

a. Council looked at the signs with logos and decided it was not needed. City Manager gave the council an example of what our new signs size would be like and suggested they look at the Flat Shoals and By Pass Street Signs.

9. Mayor gave an update on the Chamber of Commerce Workforce Meeting and gave the Council an update.

Mayor Chapman adjourned the meeting at 7:40pm.