City of Porterdale

Minutes and Agenda



City Hall, 2800 Main St

Porterdale, GA

Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 6:30 pm


1)      Call to Order – Mayor Arline Chapman


2)      Invocation – Mayor Arline Chapman


3)      Pledge of Allegiance – Mayor Arline Chapman


4)      Approval of Agenda


5)      Executive Session - Personnel


6)      Third Reading of an Ordinance To Amend The Provisions Of Section 4-526(a) Of The Code Of Ordinances Providing For Businesses Allowed To Obtain Alcoholic Beverage Amenity Licenses, So As To Permit Businesses Located In And Offering Tours Within The City Of Porterdale To Apply For, Be Issued, And Hold Beer, Wine, And Distilled Spirit Amenity Licenses


7)      Water and Sewer Rate Study – Bill Powell, Georgia Rural Water Association


8)      USDA Sewer Project Update and Financing Discussion


9)      Citizens Comments


10)  Adjournment