City of Porterdale

Minutes and Agenda

Called Meeting and Work Session Agenda

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Work Session


  1. Audit Presentation- Mark Hardison, CPA of Clifford, Lipford, Hardison, & Parker, LLC
  2. Affordable Housing Program- Ms. Benda Cronan, United Bank
  3. Kristi Korngold- UGA Renaissance Fellow Intern- Parking, Streetscapes, and Gym Landscaping
  4. Homeownership Incentive brochure
  5. House numbers program—Linda Finger
  6. Main Street manager— Mayor .  The Mayor, Tim Savage, Jessica Reynolds from DCA's office of Downtown Development, and I will have interviewed the top three candidates. I hope the Mayor can make an announcement during work session.
  7. Main Street board nominations-- Mayor
  8. Gymnasium update- Lowell Chambers, City Manager.  We should have arrived at a consensus on the priority items from the list given to us by Garbutt this week.
  9. Briefing on final details for the July 4th event-- Tim Savage.
  10. Planning and Zoning Board Vacancies
  11. City Manager update

    a.       Historic Preservation update

    b.      Tables and chairs for alley

    c.       Code enforcement update

    d.      Planning and Zoning update- Mr. Roy Jenkins

    e.      Kayak launch, including offer from Beryl Budd

    f.        County administered voting

             g.       TE, RTP. & USDA update



Called Meeting

  1. Call to Order
  2. Resolution accepting the approved CDBG housing program policies and procedures Nina Kelly, NEGRC, received back from DCA.
  3. Executive session for the purpose of discussing real estate issues
  4. Adjournment