City of Porterdale

Minutes and Agenda

Work Session

November 14, 2014

  1. Applying for one local historic district at a time-Report by HPC
  2. Gym Contract and Schedule of Fees
  3. Christmas Dinner Caterer
  4. Restroom Facilities at Special Events
  5. Municode Proof
  6. GICH Work Plan
  7. Moving Mailboxes to the back alleys
  8. Discussion of Resolution to request local act from the Georgia General Assembly to authorize the City of Porterdale to exercise all redevelopment and other powers under 2 Article IX, Section II, Paragraph VII of the Constitution and Chapter 44 of Title 36 of the 3 O.C.G.A., the ‘Redevelopment Powers Law,’ as amended, and to provide for a referendum.
  9. North Broad St. Building
  10. Potential Dog Grooming Business
  11. Resource Court Support