City of Porterdale

Minutes and Agenda



JANUARY 9, 2017

6:30 PM


  1. Keith      Ellis (Ellis Co. Transportation Consultants)
  2. SR81      Speed Limit Reduction and Acceleration       and Deceleration Lanes, Washington Streets Sidewalks and Trails
  3. City      Manager Update-
    1. City-owned       property: potential purchase by brewpub of parcel where City Hall and       garden are now located
    2. Wheelchair       ramp-equipped bus—uses, costs, insurance, CDL required


    1. Application       for handicapped accessible kayak/canoe launch—DNR Recreational Trails       Program grant—support being obtained from various groups like the Sheperd       Spinal Center, the DAV, Georgia Rivers Network


    1. Acquisition       of Lassiter Oil/”Little Henry’s” parcel for park/parking lot


    1. Access/egress       for Maddox trucks, city parking lot where park will be


    1. Pending       application for a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) to the HPC for       appeal of HPC design guidelines—roof contractor failed to get building       permit, tore down all the chimneys, and started to install a metal       roof—41 Ivy. Ms. Patricia Faulkner is applicant


    1. West       Virginia trip—Terry Gray, Josephine, Robert Witcher, Marty Boyd, Mr. Roy       Norman, Jr., Bob Thomson and others: what it’s for, why it will help       Porterdale (we received a $8,500 grant to cover the trip—it will cover       all of it


    1. Status:       Withrow Development and annexation


    1. 10       North Broad Street property sale—closed on December 30, proceeds       deposited in park fund. Letters of thanks sent to Ginn Motors, Newton       Federal, United bank, and Carter & Sloope (Now that we’ve acquired       the Stephens Oil parcel, I’ll re-word and get them to the Mayor after her       review and approval)


    1. Brief       review of City retreat goals: 2010-2015—“town square” development on most       of them.


    1. Set       date for 2017 retreat (needs to be in February—scheduling conflicts)


    1. Asking       Georgia Trust for designation of the Rose Hill community as one of their       annual “places in peril”


    1. Plans       for use of deeded land below dam


    1. Tim       Chambers: Sexually Oriented businesses ordinance, Newton County Water and       Sewer Authority annexation








January 9, 2017




  1. Call      to order – Mayor Chapman
  2. Invocation-      Mayor Chapman
  3. Pledge      of Allegiance – Mayor Chapman
  4. Awards,      Recognitions, & Donations 
  5. Additional      Agenda Items
  6. Approval      of the Agenda
  7. Approval      of Minutes
    1. December       5, 2016
  8. Appointment      of Mayor Pro-Tem
  9. Appointment      of City Clerk/Treasurer
  10. Acceptance      of the Bus Donation
  11. SPLOST      GYM TAN- Renewal
  12. Public      Hearing
    1. Rezoning       of .89 acres Covington Bypass from AG to CG
  13. Decision      for Rezoning of .89 acres Covington Bypass from AG to CG
  14. Member      Comments:
  • City Clerk Update- Megan Reid
  • Downtown Director- Josephine Kelly
  • Fire Chief- Ron Savage
  • Police Chief- Jason Cripps
  • City Manager- Bob Thomson
  • Mayor Arline Chapman
  • Post 1- Terry Gray
  • Post 2- Linda Finger
  • Post 3- Tim Savage
  • Post 4- Mike Harper
  • Post 5- Lowell Chambers
  1. Public      Comments not on the Agenda-limit 5 minutes
  2. Executive      Session
  3. Adjournment