City of Porterdale


Porterdale Historic Preservation Commission

The Porterdale Historic Preservation, is appointed by the Porterdale City Council

Regular Meeting

  • 6 PM

  • 4th Tuesday of the month 

  • Porterdale City Hall, 2800 Main Street Porterdale, 30014.

Porterdale Historic Preservation Commission Members
Chair Philip Bone
Vice-Chair Rhea Spence
Laura Ausley
Hugh Burnett
Iva Dinkins
James Posey
Jeanne Rue

To Preserve: Repair, rehabilitate and restore the façades of properties in order to maintain the features of what is identifiably Porterdale in a community friendly way.
To Prosper:  Benefit from living in a historic district that can increase the value of properties now, helps to maintain property values during economically challenging times, and provides a bright future for generations to come.
To Celebrate: Learn, enjoy, and share with others what the village of Porterdale has to offer – from the past and the present.

The Role of the Commission

  • Review applications for Certificates of Appropriateness (C.O.A).  Property owners are required to submit a C.O.A when any change is made to the front facade including the side face of the property up to 12 feet, the roof and chimney

  •  Restore or preserve any historic properties acquired by the city

  • Conduct an educational programing  on historic properties located within the city

  • Maintain and update the Porterdale Historic Resources Survey

  • Make such investigations and studies of matters relating to historic preservation as the governing body or the commission itself may from time to time deem necessary or appropriate for the purposes of this chapter;

  • Seek out state and federal funds for historic preservation and make recommendations to the governing body concerning the most appropriate use of any funds acquired

  • Consult with historic preservation experts in the division of Historic Preservation of the GA Department of Natural Resources, the North East Regional Development Center and the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc, 

Historic Preservation Month Ice Cream Social - May
Historic Plaque program
PDL sticker fundraiser, $2 available at City Hall and MaddLulu Cafe
Monthly Fun Fact about Porterdale’s History and Architecture. Posted in the Village Bulletin, Facebook and Instagram
Porterdale Home & Architectural Tours

Important Links
Porterdale Historic Residential Design Guidelines PDF
Certificate of Appropriateness Application PDF
Porterdale Historic Preservation Ordinance
Commission Minutes and Agendas
Staff and Commission Reviews of Approved C.O.A.
Historic Property Plaque Application PDF

Porterdale application to be on the National Register of Historic Places PDF
Georgia State 2019 Survey PDFHistoric Preservation Division - Georgia Department of Natural Resources
National Park Service U.S. Department of Interior – Technical Preservation Services  ttps://

Staff Contacts
Code Enforcement and Housing Official
Downtown Development Director

Reisdential Design Guidelines HPC_DGs_Porterdale_2020.pdf

Use  this checklist to make sure  a complete application is submitted Checklist_C.O.A_01.24.19.pdf

Certificate of Appropriateness Application COA_Application_Nov.20.pdf