City of Porterdale



Effective March 7, 2017


1. An orderly, quiet, and dignified courtroom SHALL always be maintained. All persons must conduct themselves accordingly;


2. All spectators and others not engaged in the business of the Court must be quietly seated.


3. When Court is called into session all talking and moving about in the courtroom will stop and attention will focus on the court’s business.


4. The City of Porterdale Police Officers present in the courtroom will maintain order and be alert to security problems that may arise during court.


5. Children are permitted in the courtroom, but must not disturb or become disruptive to the business of the court.


6. All persons doing business with the court must be properly attired in business or casual clothes that present a respectful and dignified appearance before the Court.


7. No hats (except religious or medical); No T-shirts depicting violence, profanity, illegal drugs, or Anti-Law Enforcement messages; No sunglasses; No tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, or mini-skirts; No ripped, tattered, torn, or ragged clothing;


8. No eating, drinking, or smoking shall be permitted in the courtroom during court.


9. No Cell Phones, Laptops, or IPods are allowed unless you are an attorney; and/or Public Safety Staff.


10. If you are not dressed in a manner that is respectful to the court and/or you become disruptive to the business of the court, you will be asked to leave the court and return at a later date or you may be held in contempt which may result in either incarceration, or a fine, or both. This will delay your case and require you to appear in court more than once.


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