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The City of Porterdale is in the process of completing a public improvment project to upgrade sewer lines in the community utilizing funds from a Community Development Block Grant. To remain compliant with receiving the funding for the grant, the city agrees to share with citizens the link to the





1st Public Hearing 2021 Comprehensive Plan Update
Grace Baptist Church - 474 Crowell Rd 
August 10, 2020 beginning at 6:30 PM

The City of Porterdale invites all interested persons to attend a public hearing concerning the development of the 2021 Comprehensive Plan Update. The Plan is required to comply with the Georgia Planning Act of 1989. The hearing is intended to inform the public about the purpose of the Plan and the planning process, to discuss the Plan development schedule, and provide an explanation of the public participation process to be followed by the City during the preparation of the Plan. Opportunity will also be provided for interested citizens to have input on local needs and issues.

The Mayor and the Council truly appreciate your participation in this public hearing, your involvement, views and thoughts help the city get a better view of opportunities important to the community as a whole. If you are unable to attend the public hearing please feel free to submit your comments in advance of the public hearing so they can be included in the information being collected.

 Porterdale 2016 Comprehensive Plan  _021816_Porterdale_ComprehensivePlan_FINAL.pdf


The City of Porterdale sits astride the Yellow River on S.R. 81 in Newton County. It is approximately 36 miles east of Atlanta, and 47 miles south of Athens. Porterdale was founded in 1830 and developed as a mill town beginning with a grist mill, saw mill and foundry. Later, Bibb Manufacturing Company operated what was at the time the largest twine mill up through the end of World War II. The mill was the county's main employer, and operated the areas only fully staffed hospital, provided recreation programs for the mill workers and their children, and built beautifully designed schools and churches within the village limits.

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